Free Consultation

Stick ’n’ Bones offer a free consultation to all pet owners so Ben, can introduce himself to yourselves, but most importantly your family pet. In this consultation Ben will ask about your animals routines, their favourite places to walk, if they enjoy being on or off of the lead, favourite treat and more.


Your pet is very important to our business and everything we do is to make them a happy animal.

Dog Walking

As the majority of us have a busy lifestyle whether that be work commitments or you simply need just a helping hand, Stick ’n’ Bones are here to walk your beloved pet. Stick ’n’ Bones will cater for you and your dogs needs, whether it be a half an hour or a full hours walk. Having access to open countryside and wonderful woodland walks, Stick ’n’ Bones will ensure that your dog(s) will come back happy and well exercised.

£10 per hour.

£7 Per 1/2 hour walk.

£12 for 2 half an hour slots in a day.

£40 for a weekly slot of walks on a regular term.

£12 per hour for an hourly weekend walk (No half an hour slots)

£15 per hour for 2 or more dogs in one household.

Pet Taxi

Our friendly pet taxi will take your animal to any desired destination. Whether this be for vet visits or any other ad-hoc outings, our comfortable, safe and trustworthy taxi service will transport your pet.

£5 - 1-5 miles.

£10 - 5-10 miles.

For anything over 10 miles please enquire. We really do, drive anywhere.

Pet Care

A service designed for all types of pets, whether it be your 4 legged friends (big or small) or your weird and wonderful reptiles, Stick ’n’ Bones will clean, groom and feed your family animal.

£7 per 1/2 hours work.

Pet Sitting

Stick ’n’ Bones will keep your pet company when you are away from home. We cater for all of your pets needs whether they be old, young or are just simply house pets. Although we will be in you and your pets home, we can be trusted to give you a professional standard of service, being fully CRB checked and fully insured.

£10 per hour.

 £7 per half hour.

 £12 for 2 half an hour slots throughout the day.

Small Holding Management

Having 7 years experience in looking after a small holding which housed chickens, geese, ducks, pheasants, goats, rabbits, turkeys and even outdoor dogs, we can cater for 2 legged or 4 legged animal, feeding and cleaning them.

Please enquire for pricing as they may vary depending on size and needs.

For any other services which you and your pet may require, please enquire and we will discuss.


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