Whirlwind of a month!

To the readers of my blog, my first comment to this post will be an apology for it being as late as it is! This month has been a crazy month for Stick ‘n’ Bones.

As some of you may know, i work part time in a residential care home in Oughtibridge. Working as a carer and managing my own company is very difficult at times, long hours, fatigue and stress are some of down moments i get and i sometimes ask myself, is it all worth it? Oh yes it is! Next year 2017 i am getting married to my beautiful fiancé Katrina and working both jobs is allowing me to earn a lot of money per month, allowing me to save money to go towards one of the happiest days of our lives.

Over the past month, i have taken on under my wing around about 10 extra dogs to the 5 i had already! When i first began this venture i really didn’t have any idea as to how it would go and from my perspective and others around me, i am pleased to say it is going very well.

This blog is short but sweet and my main point is to thank everyone who has helped develop this company to where it is today, thank you.

Another blog will be done soon more in depth to say and show what dogs we have at the moment so please stick with me on this, it’ll be worth all the wait.

Many thanks to you all,


The best dog walks of Sheffield.

Sheffield, a city surrounded by beautiful countryside and woodland which is a very popular location for walkers with dogs and ramblers. Being built on 7 hills, Sheffield offers a different challenge for everyone, whether you’re an experienced walker or if you just fancy an afternoon stroll in the park. Sheffield’s got it all on offer for you and your pooch. Here are some of the walks where I like to take the family dogs.

Wharncliffe Woods – Wharncliffe Woods is situated in the north west side of Sheffield near Oughtibridge. With a large carpark in Grenoside it is a popular and very fun place to visit with 2 lengthy walks both signposted RED and YELLOW, with each route offering a differing difficulty for both dog and person. However, if you fancy a challenge and you have experience in navigation (or a good sense of direction!) through thick forestry it is easy to go off of the beaten track in Wharncliffe Woods. So potentially, you could even create your very own route and look out for the roe deer if it is early in the morning. On the other side of the road opposite the carpark is Grenoside Woods, a similar environment to Wharncliffe Woods with walks that stretch as far as Chapeltown. The carpark is situated in the postal code of S35 8RS.

Redmires Reservoirs walk – The Redmires Reservoirs walk is situated just outside of Fulwood in Sheffield which is a part of the Peak District. This walk will take around 2 hours to complete the 2.5 mile route, starting and finishing at the Sportsman Pub on Redmires road. This walk is very popular with weekend ramblers and their dogs as it is reasonably flat. A good walk that you can spoil with a pint at the end of it! The Sportsman Pub is located at S10 4QZ.

Ewden Valley – I like the walk around Moor Hall and Broomhall Reservoirs. Good loops to walk around, though dogs will get filthy in the woods on the far side of the water. My Dad likes to run around the reservoirs, but you won’t catch me doing that! You can find the Ewden Valley walks at S36 4ZD.

In my my mad moments I think about doing longer walks over the Pennines, but life is too short for that at the moment…..maybe when I am a bit older!

I am busy at the moment working out walks that I can take dogs on for all parts of the city. Let me know if you have ideas for the north and east side of Sheffield, Rother Valley will be one for me to explore to start with. Let me know if you have any other areas that you think I should explore.

Thank you everybody,

Ben at Stick ‘N’ Bones.

wharncliffe woods

Welcome to Stick ‘N’ Bones

Hello world.

Welcome to Stick ‘n’ Bones. Sheffield’s newest and very professional dog walking, pet sitting and animal taxi service. We understand that a family pet is very important to you, which is why Stick ‘n’ Bones deliver a friendly, safe and high quality of care when it comes to fulfilling you and your animals needs.

If you have any queries into our services or pricing, please contact us. Our details are on the ‘Contact’ page. Please do not hesitate.

Our blog will be updated regularly, to keep our customers and followers informed about the company whereabouts and activities.

If you are reading this, please click the links to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

I would like to utilise this first blog to thank ‘FORTAY Media’ for their huge contribution into helping set up this new company. I cannot thank them enough!

Please give a wave to the Stick ‘n’ Bones van if you see it around Sheffield, we don’t ‘bite!’

Thankyou, everybody.

Ben at Stick ‘n’ Bones.